Today's Quote: Don't complain for small things...

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Amazing India: Ticket to watch ENDHIRAN (Movie of Superstar Rajnikant) TRAILER !

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Ticket to watch ENDHIRAN (Movie of Superstar Rajnikant) TRAILER ! Isn't it amazing? This is possible only in india. :)

Today's quote-Big companies...

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Pics: Recycled Optimus Prime Shows Up in China

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Part of the Green Dream Park, in Beijing, the 10-meter-tall bronze of Optimus Prime managed to allure the gazes of abounding passers-by.

With all the Transformers statues, fabricated from recycled materials, assuming up everywhere I’m cerebration they’re a abundant way of adopting acquaintance to the problems of the environment, abnormally as far as adolescent humans are concerned.

Assembled abreast Bird’s Nest Stadium, in Beijing, the 10-meter-tall baton of the Autobots is fabricated alone from decay materials, brought in all the way from Taiwan. But this alarming Optimus Prime bronze goes to appearance you that just because something is fabricated from junk, doesn’t beggarly it’s junk.

Pics: Today's quote-Do not free lance...

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It is really truth... :)

Pics: Most beautiful persidential places...

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Pics: Today's quote-Keep your hopes logical...

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See this and let your mind think :)

Pics: Daniel Dancer’s Art of the Sky...

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Inspired by the works of Stan Herd and the famous Nazca Lines of Peru, American artist Daniel Dancer creates unique paintings made of latex paint and a lot of people.

66-year-old Daniel Dancer has spent the last ten years of his life traveling the world over and creating unique artworks, choreographed and immortalized from way up in the sky. Upon discovering the mysterious Nazca Lines, in South America, he wanted to create his own artistry, so he bought some paint, gathered 800 school children and made a giant salmon, in Oregon.

So far, the Kansas-based artist has created hundreds of human paintings and has convinced thousands of people to participate in his Art of the Sky project. His artworks include a bald eagle made with the help of 1,400 people and a portrait of Barrack Obama

To properly choreograph the participants in the Art of the Sky project, Daniel Dancer climbs in hot air balloons or large cranes. When everyone is in place, he asks the people to lie on their hands and knees, so the largest amount of color is exposed.

Pics: IPL Nights...

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IPL...Indian Premier League... The business which is based on love of big big Indian cricket fan crowds! Yeah, they made it pure business rather then a game...And see their luxuries... their attitude... and their styles...the moments ... 

Pics: Maharashtra Darshan - Ultimate photography...

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See the amazing photography of maharashtra, a state of india. Its the state with 2 big business hub cities, Mumbai and Pune. Most of us know different places around Pune like Lohgudh, Sinhgudh, Lonawala, Khandala ... But see this pics and think do you ever seen such places?