Pics: Recycled Optimus Prime Shows Up in China

Friday, September 17, 2010 , Posted by Parth Barot at 6:48 AM

Part of the Green Dream Park, in Beijing, the 10-meter-tall bronze of Optimus Prime managed to allure the gazes of abounding passers-by.

With all the Transformers statues, fabricated from recycled materials, assuming up everywhere I’m cerebration they’re a abundant way of adopting acquaintance to the problems of the environment, abnormally as far as adolescent humans are concerned.

Assembled abreast Bird’s Nest Stadium, in Beijing, the 10-meter-tall baton of the Autobots is fabricated alone from decay materials, brought in all the way from Taiwan. But this alarming Optimus Prime bronze goes to appearance you that just because something is fabricated from junk, doesn’t beggarly it’s junk.

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