The Red Binder ..amazing

Sunday, September 23, 2007 , Posted by Parth Barot at 8:07 AM

Dear friends

I have spent the last few days compiling a Master Reference binder to help deal with internal office issues.

Inside this binder you will find "solutions" to everyday problems you may encounter.

So if you are having problems with processes or you're having difficulty dealing with customers wanting you to fix something, just open the red binder.

If Friday won't come fast enough; come track down this red binder, usually found on or in my desk, it should help get you through the day.


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  1. Old Yeller says:

    I'm going to make one of these .. too cool. I'd get fired for REAL alcohol .. but the idea is conveyed!

  1. Parth Barot says:

    i think u r big bear fan... :).. ha ha... joking... no but really, isn't it a great idea to hide your bottles from your colleagues and boss? :D..

    thanks for ur comments.. keep visiting and keep in touch..

    b bye...

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