Old golden telephone ads...

Thursday, February 14, 2008 , Posted by Parth Barot at 10:00 PM

Pennies For Wings

The voice of a friend. Reassuring words from father, mother, son or daughter. A hurried call for aid in the night. You cannot set a price on
such things as these.

Yet this is true — telephone service is cheap in this country. No other people get so much service, and such good and courteous service, at such low cost.


New Automatic Device Answers Phone, Records Message

PAUL H. ROWE, a Los Angeles sound engineer, has perfected a nearly human robot that answers his telephone perfectly when he is out.

The ringing of the telephone bell starts this ingenious machine operating, and whatever the caller says is received by a microphone and recorded. When Rowe returns, he is able to listen to whatever messages have come in.

And much more @ modernmechanix

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